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Our Mission:  is to mentor females from the bright young age of 6 years old and older; from all walks of life across the nations, enhancing their personal relationship with God and the relationship between mother and daughter through prayer, biblical study, daily life teachings, fellowship and sisterhood. Our goal is to educate, inspire, support, strengthen, motivate and assist these relationships in their personal, professional and spiritual walk.

Our Vision: is to build these personal relationships into God fearing, God loving, faithful, obedient, submissive, virtuous, fun-loving, capable and dependable leaders. Our goal is to be Virtuous and Victorious Women.

Our Purpose: is to be R.A.R.E.




E-effective communicator

Our M.V.P. is to use the  "T.L.C." Method

T-talk, L-listen, C-consider.

We help to bridge the gap of females who has or are being faced with tests, trials and tribulations.  We provide positive guidance and support to them during such trying times.

The Power of  Prayer

D.I.V.A.S. For Christ, Inc. Mission~Vision~Purpose (“M.V.P.”) for participating females is continue the growth in faith and sisterhood. This ministry provides personal, professional and spiritual and tangible enrichment. With much prayer comes great works and with great works comes increased membership and with increased membership comes great amplified needs!  Our ministry needs has greatly grown tremendously.  

Greetings Potential Givers: D.I.V.A.S. For Christ, Inc. humbly asks for your financial seed offering in Jesus’ Mighty Name with the assurance that your seed will keep the Branch of the True Vine growing. Your contributions will assist this ministry with great needs which consists of, but not limited to: transportation (we provide transportation to meetings and events); classroom materials (bibles, journals, teaching manuals/worksheets, training DVDs, pens, etc.); family night which provides food, beverages, paper products, games and prizes; clothing gift certificates (provided for females newly entering the workforce); events and field trips; audio/video recordings; individual awards; and much, much more.